Buffalo Chicken Tacos

So simple, so good.

Boneless wings (from costco) + spinach, tomato, and a drizzle of homemade ranch


Breakfast Tacos, take 3

This is a quick and dirty breakfast taco

a couple mushrooms get sautéed, some diced up smoked chicken and leftover black beans are tossed in, an egg is cracked on top if it all, and then it’s shoved into a tortilla and topped with cilantro and sour cream

Not as pretty as some breakfast tacos, but just as tasty.


I’ve said it before, but Hummus and corn tortillas are made to be besties. Warm tortilla + cool creamy hummus = mouthgasm.

One of my favorite lazy meals is to just chop up some chicken and add it along with whatever veggies I’ve got laying around to a warm corn tortilla I’ve slathered with hummus.

It’s the breakfast, lunch, and dinner of champions.

PB&J Tacos

So sometimes you just want to have a classic, but if having the classic leads to vertigo you need to find a tweak.  Obviously, some mornings nothing quite strikes your fancy like a PB&J.

Really, these are super basic. You just put some peanut butter (of course I only use Adam’s.  I used up my monthly quota of HFCS on the Tara Reid!) and jelly (I used jalepeno pepper jelly, but really anything would work).  Then I heated it up for 30 seconds until the peanut butter and jelly had both softened enough to mix together into a messy melange of deliciousness (I chose not to include this picture, since some things like sausages, legislation and now PB&J Taquitos should not  be seen in their most grotesque stage).

Once that’s been done, you should roll the tortilla up tightly and enjoy the delicious flavor explosions of the PB&J explosion.

Sloppy Tacos!

Did you really think that I chose to make Sloppy Tacos just because it sounds gross (like something that has been used to describe Tara Reid by multiple tabloids)?  Well, you would be right, but I found something out.  Sloppy Tacos are INCREDIBLE!

Basically I just bought a can of Sloppy Joe Sauce (also known as poison full of HFCS).

Then I browned some ground beef and mixed it with the Sloppy Joe Sauce [poison] and put it into a yellow corn tortilla and topped it with a little bit of extra sharp cheddar.  I will confess that as a child I never much liked Sloppy Joe’s, but the flavor of these was a lot more concentrated and spicier.  They were great.

I would pair this a price-point Syrah or any good well-priced table red.  I paired it with 2007 Writer’s Block Grenache, in part because I was really craving some Grenache.  It is a wine with lots of alcohol and so high acidity to cleanse the pallet, and some nice fruit to contrast with the spiciness of the Sloppy Joe Sauce.  It probably would have been too hot to drink as a sipping wine, but paired well with the spicy tomato sauce.

Finally, the Sloppy Taco [The Tara Reid] is still kind of gross when you take a closer look at it!

Breakfast Tacos, Take 2

Breakfast tacos are so delicious that I had to make ’em again.

Same garnishes as before

With the egg and refried beans as well.

But rather than bacon, these feature the most delicious of meats, a smoked fatty.

(To make a smoked fatty one buys a roll of Jimmy Dean-in our house you get the hot one-cutting off the plastic, and cooking in a smoker. It’s the best thing on earth)

(In addition to being delicious, it indulges your inner 7th grader to make lots of jokes about smoking a fatty. I’m not mature.)